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When Your Body Talks, Listen!

  • Are you suffering from an illness and not getting better?
  • Do your symptoms seem to be worsening rather than going away?
  • Is your doctor unsure what is wrong with you?
  • Have your been prescribed several medications without good results?
  • Have you tried many different treatments but nothing cures your illness?
  • Are you feeling stressed, upset, and possibly abandoned?
  • Has your doctor told you that your illness "is all in your head?"

Maybe you have a Stress-Related Disorder!

Medical research tells us that between 70% and 90% of all people seen by doctors are suffering from illnesses that are either caused or worsened by stress. These are Stress-Related Disorders. While the majority of illness seen by medical doctors are caused or made worse by stress, few physicians are trained to recognize these types of illnesses.

This problem is worsened because the medical profession continues treating their patients as if their stress does not exist. Instead, they treat the symptoms, not the causes of these medical problems. This problem is further compounded through the years, as these Stress-Related Disorders gradually act on your body to ultimately create recognizable medical syndromes and transform into debilitating or even life-threatening chronic diseases.

When Your Body Talks, Listen! will takes you on a journey into understanding this process, why you are getting sick, and what you can do about it. It provides important, life-saving information on how you can recognize whether or not you have a Stress-Related Disorder and how you can eliminate it. In When Your Body Talks, Listen! we tell you in a step-by-step fashion how stress is created, and how it affects your body, and why it ends up causing illness. You will learn how these problems could take you from wellness to illness to chronic disease and even death. Using what you learn you will be able to reverse this process, prevent illness, and BECOME WELL AGAIN. This information  enables you to recognize Stress-Related Disorders early, thereby allowing prompt and effective resolution of any underlying Stress-Related Disorders.

  • Learn why you might be ill.
  • Learn why your immune system may not be working for you.
  • Learn the stages of Stress-Related Disorders.
  • Learn why physicians often miss Stress-Related Disorders.
  • Learn what you can do to help yourself.
  • Lean how you can reverse Stress-Related Disorders.

Get the answers you want and need. Read When Your Body Talks, Listen! by Drs. Allen and Lisa Robyn Lawrence and find out what is really going on with your body. You may never get answers until you know what you are dealing with and why your illness is not getting better. Why wait any longer? Order your copy today! Order right now and have the answers you need in your hands today.

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